Return Policy

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with your Fancy Phone Case product, you may return it within 14 days of your purchase for a refund. Please see the RETURN POLICY on the bottom for detailed information on how to return a product.

  • All of our custom items are made especially for you. Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns unless we have made a mistake. Please read the item description and instructions carefully and ask any questions before ordering.
  • Shipping costs are final and are never refundable.
  • Communication is key in these situations and we will do everything to ensure a smooth transaction for both parties.

Our Warranty

It's normal for a TPU (rubber) case to discolor over time. This is the nature of all soft transparent and white colored cases due to the material. In fact, all cases have some level of discoloration but the clear and white shows the discoloration much easier. This is not specific to our cases but applies to all soft material cases in the market. The reason for discoloration is usually heat, direct sunlight, smoke and other environmental conditions.We use the highest grade rubber material and use special coatings and solutions to prolong the clear look and avoid discoloration however eventually some discoloration may occur over time due to the nature of the product.


On clear cases, the scratches or scuff marks are easily recognizable compared to a regular, non clear cases. Our case features a scratch-resistant coating but it's not scratch-proof (there is no scratch proof material).  As the name implies, the scratch-resistant coating helps the case resist the scratches and scuff-marks but eventually it may get some scratches, however our case looks newer than any other clear case for much longer periods of time due to the coating. The coating also helps avoid deep scratches. If you ever use a different brand clear case you would most definitely see the difference.

It's all about taking good care of your unique case. Myself for instance, use these cases all the time and I have yet to have a problem with them. But due to improper care, I've seen consumers that aren't able to manage to have their case last for a single day.

According to the manufacturers, the new UV printer prints a layer of primer on top of the design to avoid these ways of dissolving. But this isn't the case (no pun intended) if the cover is not properly taken care off by the consumer.

Some of the things NOT covered by our warranty?

Our warranty does not cover damages to your phone/device and only applies to your case/cover. It is recommended to purchase an insurance policy for your device from your carrier/store as our warranty is not a substitute to an insurance. We do not accept any liabilities for damages to your device as the damage may be caused despite the case/cover depending on various circumstances that may not be in our control and not related to the case/cover.

Product Discounts

With all this been said, we understand that things happens and want to offer some discount for your next order. See what discount you qualify in the table bellow.

1-7 days after delivery of the product --- Free replacement or full refund.
8-30 days after delivery of the product --- 30% discount on next order.
30-45 days after delivery of the product --- 20% discount on next order.
45-60 days after delivery of the product ---10% discount on next order.
60≥ No Discounts or Returns.

See information bellow on how to file a claim. After claim receive a Coupon Code will be email to you.

How to Make a Return/Warranty Claim

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